AOMT Myofunctional Therapy Updates 2016 into 2017

Dear Tongue Wranglers,

2016 has already been an explosive year for our emerging field of myofunctional therapy and the AOMT is honoured and excited to continue helping to lead the way.  We are excited to refresh your memory with 2016 offerings and new courses in 2017.

Our “Comprehensive Frenulum Inspection Workshop” (August 25-27, 2016 in Los Angeles) has a few spaces left as we were able to move to a larger room to satisfy great demand!  It will be a groundbreaking course in for all interested in frenum inspection and the consequences of an altered lingual frenulum.  Led by one of the world’s foremost authorities, the great myofunctional therapist Irene Marchesan PhD (President of the Brazilian Speech Society, architect of Brazil’s Frenum Inspection Law, AAMS Board Member) the course will present in detail for the 1st time a medically validated frenulum inspection protocol for infants and also a protocol for adolescents & adults (with validation being finalised).

Supporting faculty will include an all star roster with Israel’s Eyal Botzer, DDS (14,000+ frenotomies),  James Murphy, MD (Academy of Breast Feeding Medicine Fellow), UCLA oral surgeon Douglas Galen, DDS, IBCLC leader Catherine Watson Genna, and Dr. Virginia Johnson, DO (AOA Fellow based on pioneering frenum work).   This is an incredible opportunity for all interested in our field.

We have a stellar lineup of courses for the rest of the year including the additions of back to back modules in San Diego in July, Sydney in October and Los Angeles in December for those looking have a fuller curriculum in a more intensive format.

We are excited be back in Canada on the UBC, Vancouver campus in October and the AOMT is thrilled to be returning to Australia for 2 courses (Intro Part 1 & Intro Part 2) in October and to be engaged with more than half dozen universities in the region interested in research in our field.

Our AOMT Advanced Course:  OMT & Co-morbidities of Sleep Disorders, Orofacial Pain, & Postural Challenges has continued to be much in demand and to grow.  Join us in Los Angeles December 16-18, 2016 for an amazing program

The Academy of Applied Myofunctional Sciences (AAMS, an international scientific and membership society for myofunctional therapy) has announced call for papers, including symposium topics, presentation abstracts posters and posters for its upcoming 2nd Congress, March 1-5, 2017 co-chaired by Christian Guilleminault, Irene Marchesan, and Maria Pia Villa.  The central symposium will be “Sleep Disordered Breathing & Craniofacial Growth & Development:  Early Intervention and Patient Outcomes.”  Additional symposia will focus on frenotomy standards of care, orthodontic stability, orofacial pain/TMD, and others to be announced.  Please save the date and submit proposals at  It will be the largest gathering of leaders in the field ever assembled so make certain to save the date.

The AOMT is proud to be a sponsor of an AAMS supported conference coming up September 14-18, 2016 in Santa Marta, Colombia, “New Treatment Trends in Myofunctional Therapy” (all presentations in Spanish) which will have an incredible lineup from across Latin America and Europe.

·  More course announcements will be coming soon; please email us for suggestions.
It’s always safe to say there’s a lot going on with much more to come later in the year. I would love you to join us at any one of the above, or reach out to me at if you have any questions.


Very best regards,

Marc Richard Moeller

Academy of Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy
Managing Director

Academy of Applied Myofunctional Sciences
Executive Director & Founding Board Chair

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