Speech-language therapy and dentistry

Oro-myofunctional therapy (OMFT) is eminently suitable for providing insight into speech therapy and demonstrating the effectiveness of the treatments. This is therefore amply covered in our courses: Measuring is knowing. Our courses address the following issues, among others:

  • How to permanently unlearn deviant oral behaviour and automate a correct swallow?
  • Why doesn’t an open bite close?
  • How do I consult with my referrer on a professional level?
  • The use of objective measuring instruments, such as the Myo Lip Meter, the Payne technique and the Measuring Station 430


Peter Helderop is a speech-language therapist. Coming from the school of Garliner, Peter has developed a method of oro-myofunctional therapy based on extensive experience that is very useful in everyday practice of a speech-language therapist. In a didactically responsible way he shows the connection between speech-language therapy, oro-myofunctional therapy and dentistry in general. In particular also the connection between orthodontics and gnathology.

Beginner’s course OMFT Speech therapy and Dentistry


This two-day course Speech Therapy and Dentistry is given in the Netherlands and Belgium, therefore the spoken language during the course is Dutch. The course dates are also displayed in Dutch. The following parts will be discussed during the course:

  • General explanation of the anatomy and physiology of the oro-facial complex.
  • Relationship speech therapy, dentistry, orthodontics and the importance of this knowledge regarding the diagnostics and therapy of oro-myogenic dysfunctions.
  • Classification oro-myogenic dysfunctions.
  • Practical work with the lip-strength meter, the myoscanner and the Payne technique. (Visualizing an abnormal swallowing pattern).
  • All speech-therapist exercises used in oro-myofunctional therapy.
  • Extensive casuistry. Collecting the anamnesis, making the diagnosis and drawing up a treatment plan for own patients of course.

Target Group

The course is open to speech therapists, dentists and orthodontists (cooperation is a spearhead of the OMFT treatment). No specific work experience with OMFT is required. For Dutch speech therapists and orthodontists the course is officially accredited (35 PE points).


After the course the student is able:

  • To work systematically with oro-myofunctional therapy at a basic level.
  • To work with the lip strength meter and Payne-technique and to draw conclusions from this, also with regard to purposefulness and effectiveness of the oro-myofunctional therapy.
  • To recognize connections with other disciplines, including dentistry and orthodontics.

In-company course

This two-day beginner’s course can also be given as an in-company course, for example at the request of a quality improvement group or a large practice. If you are interested in organizing an in-company course please contact us. The organization of an in-company course is provided by KWEC.

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In-Depth Course OMFT

In-depth Course OMFT

In response to many requests, the refresher course OMFT started in 2012. The refresher course has shown that there is a need to update the existing knowledge of OMFT. It has been shown that there can be a big difference between the knowledge level of the different students. In order to improve the knowledge level of the students and to optimize the OMFT treatment, an in-depth Course on OMFT has been initialized as of 2014.

During the in-depth course various aspects of the OMFT will be discussed, where the knowledge from the basic course OMFT is assumed to be known. During the in-depth course attention will be paid to working according to the OMFT protocol, repetition and deepening of dental aspects, practice with the Measuring Station 430, Payne technique and Myo Lip Meter and a lot of case studies. Own casuistry may be included on a voluntary basis.

Participation in the in-depth course OMFT is only possible for speech therapists who have previously followed the two-day basic course ‘Speech Therapy and Dentistry’. You need to bring your own material, so a Myo Lip Meter,  a Paynelamp with good batteries, and the Measuring Station 430. It is wise to label your material. The course is given by Peter Helderop and Niels Hulsink (Myofunctional Europe).

Contents in-Depth course OMFT

  • Recap: short repetition basic course with a lot of interaction between the students
  • Deepening knowledge about oro-facial musculature
  • Practice: optimizing working with Payne lamp and Myo Lip Meter
  • Practice: how do I make optimal mouth pictures?
  • Repetition Dental knowledge in relation to OMFT
  • Treatment of OMFT cases
  • Treatment options OMFT with the help of Trainers: Infant trainers, T4K, T4B and Myobraces K1. Some knowledge about the use of Trainers is assumed to be known.

All courses are held on Thursdays and Fridays from 8.30 am to ± 5 pm. All courses are held in the Netherlands en Belgium. Therefore the course dates are displayed in Dutch. The spoken language during the courses is also Dutch.

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Course dates 2020 & 2021

Beginner’s course

In-depth courses

30 september – 1 oktober 2021HaarlemInschrijven
7-8 oktober 2021VianenInschrijven
4-5 november 2021AntwerpenInschrijven
25-26 november 2021Nieuwerkerk-RotterdamInschrijven
2-3 december 2021ZwolleInschrijven
16-17 september 2021CuijkInschrijven
1-2 november 2021Oostkamp-BruggeVolgeboekt
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